Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Weigh-in

Well, I had my first weight gain. It was only .2 pounds which is 3.2 ounces -- I had to google this one to figure it out. I has been awhile since I have done fractions. I should have listened to the nice woman who weighed me and taken off my sweater. Oh well, I felt like that was cheating so I didn't.

I am trying not to get discouraged because I am about half way to my weight loss goal. I am hoping this is not the beginning of a plateau.

In other news, after a big pep talk from my baby sissy (who is 30 but that is what we call sisters in my house), I have decided to sign up for a 5K with a fellow Weight Watcher buddy and local Mom friend.

Have a great weekend!!



Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

that isn't bad at all. Let me ask you normally weigh in the sweater every week? If you don't...I would have taken it off for sure.

Did you stay for the meeting today? I know in our 10am group Debbie covered sooooo many things that really hit home for me because I am not quite plateauing but the weight loss the past month as been SLOW......she (and the people in our meeting) really helped get my mind back on track.
I am hoping you read your comments because I have left a number of them but have never heard back from you.
We are all in this together! You STILL did great!

Kbear said...

Thanks, Cat! I attended the 8:30 meeting. It was a very good topic.

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